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  • Standard Single Domain SSL (DV) - For a fast website security solution, the Standard Single Domain SSL certificate is the answer for you. This domain validated (DV) certificate offers industry standard encryption at an unbelievable price. As a basic SSL certificate, the Standard Single Domain SSL is an excellent solution for internal domains and other domain names where you need fast and simple security without having to worry about injecting much trust into the site.

  • Standard Multi-Domain SSL (DV) - If you need a quick way to secure multiple domains on a single SSL certificate, then the Standard Single Domain SSL is the cert for you. This certificate can secure up to 100 total domains and is typically issued in mere minutes, once domain ownership is verified. As an entry-level Domain Validated (DV) option, the Standard Single Domain SSL is an excellent option for start-up e-commerce sites and other small businesses looking for a little boost with regards to encryption and sales.

  • Standard Wildcard SSL (DV) - Looking for a way to quickly and easily get the valued "https" displayed on a main domain and all of your subdomains? Then the Standard Wildcard SSL Wildcard is the certificate for you. Speed and reliability are two adjectives that come to mind when describing this certificate. That’s because this wildcard certificate is a basic, Domain Validated (DV) certificate and can be issued in mere minutes. Also, with 99.3% browser recognition and solid mobile compatibility, the Standard Wildcard SSL Wildcard can be relied on by most light ecommerce websites.

  • Deluxe Single Domain SSL (OV) - Provides full assurance to your customers beyond encryption by adding trust to your business. This Organization Validated (OV) certificate offers 256-bit encryption along with a Site Seal. Your customers will know that their information is safe and sound.

  • Deluxe Multi-Domain SSL (OV) - With this certificate, you can cover up to 100 domains with just one certificate. In addition to SAN support, this certificate offers a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing. This multi-domain certificate is an excellent option for small to medium-sized companies that want to make managing and provisioning their domains as simple as possible.

  • Deluxe Wildcard SSL (OV) - This certificate offers a dynamic site seal and unlimited server licensing. You will also be able to secure one domain and of your subdomains. This wildcard certificate is an excellent option for medium-sized companies and ecommerce sites that wish to bolster the trust their users will have with them.

  • Premium Single Domain SSL (EV) - Introducing the Premium Single Domain EV certificate, which offers access to Extended Validation SSL at an extremely budget-friendly price point. The Premium Single Domain EV comes with a dynamic trust seal, a $1,000,000 warranty and activates the green address bar, which displays your company or organization’s verified name in green font next to the URL. Being able to verify your identity for your customers is becoming increasingly important on today’s internet. Can you afford not to take advantage of this opportunity?

  • Premium Multi-Domain SSL (EV) - Premium Multi-Domain EV Multi-Domain certificate is an incredibly popular product among larger companies and enterprises. Where else can you get EV SSL protection for up to 250 different domains with a price point that doesn’t cause the finance department physical pain? The Premium Multi-DomainSSL EV Multi-Domain is compatible with 99.9% of web and mobile browsers, it provides industry-standard 256-bit encryption strength and comes with a 2048-bit signature key. Perhaps more importantly, it’s backed by a $1,000,000 warranty from Comodo to give you greater peace of mind. Activate the green address bar across all your domains, show your customers who you are and never once worry about the cost.

  • SiteLock - 911 - SiteLock's 9-1-1 scan is an automated one-time malware cleanup service. It ensures the website is moved to the front of the SIteLock Scanning queue for immediate downloading, scanning, and cleaning with expedited results. As soon as this is complete, you are sent an email notification so you know the malware has been. The service starts running approximately within 30 minutes of purchase.

    $200.00 USD Une fois
  • SiteLock - Find - Find scans the site inside and out, to search the vulnerabilities or evidence of malicious code. It also provides a protective layer around the website to help prevent future compromises from occurring.

  • SiteLock - Fix - If a website is compromised, Find & Fix can diagnose the source of the issue and deliver a fast solution to get the site back online.

  • SiteLock - Prevent - Find, Fix & Prevent includes the SiteLock TrueShield (TM) Web App Firewall which proactively protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. Requires no installation, takes only 5 minutes to setup and blocks all OWASP's top 10 threats.

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