Importing a MySQLdatabase using PHPMyAdmin in cPanel

Login to cPanel

You can access cPanel in a number of ways: 

Accesing cpanel through your Web Services Manager Hosting Panel

Login to

Navigate to My Services Page

Click the icon on the far right to the view the hosting details

Click Login to cPanel


Using your domain name. Example:

Using your IP address: Example:

Click phpMyAdmin

Once logged into cPanel, under the Databases section click phpMyAdmin. 

Click the database to be restored

Locate the database you want the restore completed on. This database could be empty, or contain information that you want overwritten. 

Navigate to the Import Page

This is the page where you will be completing the import request.

This completes the Process.

A common Import Error:

If you receive a Access Denied error when trying to run the import, it is because the import file is trying to create a new database, rather than importing over the existing database. To stop this from happening, you can try to a new export and make sure you UNCHECK the "Create Table if does not Exist. Alternatively, you can open the database backup file in notepad and delete the line the entire line starts with "CREATE DATABASE /*!32312 IF NOT EXISTS*/`track` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 */;"

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